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Get to Know Twiss Up

How Twiss Up Started

One summer afternoon in 2019, my friend and I were engaged in a friendly game of blackjack with 1 rule – the loser must drink! As neither of us were heavy drinkers, and with only hard spirits available, I decided to get creative with the ingredients at home to create a strong, but sweet cocktail. As a result, Twiss Up Punchy Passion was born.

Throughout summer 2019, my family and friends could not get enough of Twiss Up Punchy Passion and it was requested for every BBQ and party.

Twiss Up, the drink, became the pre-mixed cocktail of choice that people could enjoy in the comfort of their own home, or in the company of their favourite people.

Twiss Up, the company, was created to produce affordable premium vegan-friendly bottled cocktails. Gone are the days where you need to dress up and head into town for an overpriced, but sweet, cocktail. The goal was to create sweet alcoholic cocktails, perfect for sharing and celebrating good times.

Today, Twiss Up is available via, at Amazon, and at various convenience stores across London, UK.


Why Unconventional Pre-Mixed Cocktails

In shops, bars, and restaurants, we see the same old, but classic, cocktails on the menu – Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito etc – typically with 1 spirit. Not one to play it safe and a true believer in innovation, I decided to forgo the same old and create something new – A cocktail with 2 spirits that differed from anything anyone had ever tasted.

Today, Twiss Up is the UK’s first producer of cognac and rum-based cocktails.


Why we know you will love Twiss Up

Twiss Up is made for cocktail lovers and lovers of surprise birthdays, summer BBQs, beach holidays, day parties, bank holidays, street parties, games nights, Netflix nights, casual link ups, Friday night takeaways, Sunday dinners and picnics down the park. If you fit in to one of these categories, you will love Twiss Up.

Each flavour has been precisely crafted to provide a fun-filled experience that explores exciting feelings/emotions, and it is all in the name – Punchy Passion, Cheeky Cherry and Lippy Lemon.


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